Urogenitale Diagnostik Berlin

Urogenital Diagnostics in Berlin

Imaging for urogenital investigations

Highly developed imaging covers a wide range of areas in urogenital diagnostics. Besides clarifying diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tract system (ureter, bladder and urethra), the male and female pelvic organs are the focus of differentiated diagnostics. Unclear chronic pelvic pain and especially oncological disease require high-resolution imaging with specialised examination protocols. An example here is MRI of the prostate, which I practice with multiple parameters using an ultra-high resolution MRI scanner (3 Tesla). The CT method is of particular importance for urinary stone detection, among other things. Worldwide, the formation of urinary stones is one of the most common diseases requiring further medical diagnostics. Using special “low-dose protocols”, I also perform “CT for stone searching” with a significantly reduced radiation dose in my practice in Berlin.

Nuclear medicine enables the exact assessment of kidney function and the excretory capacity of one kidney in relation to the other. Functional renal scintigraphy as a dynamic examination reliably detects and distinguishes possible outflow obstructions. The assessment of the relevance of findings is guaranteed, as the basis for further measures or specific therapy planning. As a complementary service, if necessary I also offer you the spectrum of nuclear medical diagnostics through my cooperation and work at the AnthroNUK practice in Berlin.

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