Kopf-Hals-Diagnostik Berlin

Head and neck diagnostics in Berlin

Precise diagnostics of the head and neck region

Diagnostics of the head and neck region is a very complex field in radiology and was an extremely exciting field for me during my many years of work at the Proton Therapy Center in Munich. Highly qualified diagnostics and the latest imaging technology enables even the smallest changes to be detected, which can be of great relevance. These include, in particular, tumours in the head and neck region, which must be detected and their propagation precisely assessed. Ultra-high resolution MRI imaging allows the appropriate fine diagnostics, which I can also offer you with a 3-Tesla MRI scanner.

The high-resolution CT scan can depict extremely fine bone destruction, e.g. of the paranasal sinuses or the base of the skull, in detail. This examination can be usefully supplemented for certain diagnoses and therapeutic measures.

In the neck region, thyroid and parathyroid disorders are a focus of my expertise as a specialist in nuclear medicine. If abnormalities are found in imaging, I can offer you comprehensive clarification and specialised therapy options at the AnthroNUK Thyroid Center in Berlin, either as supplementary therapy or in preventive care. I am there for you with special investigations in head and neck diagnostics in my private practice in Berlin.

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