RadioReport Berlin


in Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Hanover

My private practice focuses on you as a patient. The results of your imaging and findings are very important both to you and the colleagues that refer you. In this respect, the written report of the findings must be complete, clear and unambiguous, so the doctor providing further treatment can reliably base their therapy on it.

For this reason, I work with RadioReport software, which is certified as a medical device – a novelty. The referring colleagues thus receive a high-quality, clear and easy-to-understand report containing all relevant information – including image bar and localizers.

Thanks to its clear and well-arranged structure, focusing on the essentials, the relevant contents in the standardised report can be quickly grasped by the colleagues providing further treatment and, in addition, stringent reporting and assessment can also be guaranteed.

The entire report can also be easily translated into another language if required. Likewise, a “patient report” can be created, a text written in language everyone can understand with all the essential information.

RadioReport Berlin
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