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MD Sven Walter’s Private Practice

for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

As a specialist in radiology and nuclear medicine, I welcome you at our many central locations in the capital city of Berlin.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, I offer my patients individual diagnostics at the highest level at each location. I take time for you to give me chance to respond to your individual needs and questions.

Please feel free to find out comprehensively on my website where you also can arrange your MRI or CT appointment at short notice at one of our central locations in Berlin. Optionally, as a private patient, under the German employers’ liability insurance association scheme (BG-Patient (MRI)) or as a statutory health insurance self-payer (GKV-Selbstzahler)

MD Sven Walter, FEBNM
Specialist in radiology
Specialist in nuclear medicine


Individual diagnostics

Range of examination offerings

PRIMENOSTICS – Dr. Sven Walter

MRI diagnostics in Berlin

Magnetic resonance imaging is a very modern examination method. This allows highly detailed sectional images inside the body to be generated.

PRIMENOSTICS – Dr. Sven Walter

CT diagnostics in Berlin

Computed tomography has become an indispensable diagnostic tool in modern medicine. It allows the body’s structures to be visualised in the most effective way.

PRIMENOSTICS – Dr. Sven Walter

Nuclear Medicine in Berlin

Nuclear medicine is an extremely proven and innovative field in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine for the localization and assessment of physiological processes in the body.

The spectrum

of radiology and nuclear medicine

PRIMENOSTICS – Dr. Sven Walter

I offer radiological and nuclear medical examinations of all regions of the body in the highest quality and in line with the latest standards. A variety of examination protocols are at my disposal with which I make every effort so the examination is as pleasant and conservative as possible. Modern high-end scanners also offer plenty of space and comfort, even for patients with claustrophobia.

My range of services for you includes:

  1. Head and neck diagnostics
  2. Neurological diagnostics
  3. Oncological diagnostics
  4. Orthopaedic diagnostics
  5. Urogenital diagnostics
  6. MRI prostate
  7. MRI whole-body check-up
  8. Minimally invasive pain therapy
  9. RadioReport
Do you need an MRI appointment in Berlin, Nuremberg or Hannover?

Then don’t hesitate to contact me by phone, e-mail or with the form on this page. But you can also arrange your next appointment online – conveniently and easily. I look forward to hearing from you!