Neurologische Diagnostik Berlin

Neurological Diagnostics in Berlin

In case of unclear neurological complaints

Unclear neurological complaints, headaches, dizziness, movement disorders and increasing forgetfulness are just some of the reasons that necessitate imaging of the central nervous system (CNS).

While CT is the method of choice for examining acute and severe traumatic brain injury, high-resolution MRI allows the brain, spinal cord and neighbouring structures to be optimally examined. A special feature of my private practice in Berlin is the ultra-high-field MRI (3 Tesla) available to you for detecting organ and vascular changes, sites of inflammatory, tumours and metastases precisely and at an early stage.

Should it be necessary to detect or exclude Parkinson’s disease, diagnosis-oriented brain scintigraphy (DaTSCAN) is additionally indicated, which I can also offer you through my nuclear medicine work and cooperation in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Wedding. This nuclear medical examination can be used to specifically depict and test the functionality of special nerve connections in certain areas of the brain. For example, the distinction between a so-called essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease can be performed reliably here.

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