Orthopädische Diagnostik Berlin

Orthopaedic Diagnostics in Berlin

MRI and CT for orthopaedic investigations

Orthopaedic problems and investigations are one of the most common reasons for imaging. MRI is extremely valuable for diagnosing degenerative, inflammatory, traumatic and tumorous changes. The anatomical structures of the supporting and locomotor organs can be displayed and assessed in detail, e.g. signs of wear, stress reactions, radiographically occult bone fractures, torn ligaments, meniscus damage and slipped discs.

CT may be indicated for certain orthopaedic issues, particularly complex fractures or image-guided spinal interventions. Precise imaging diagnostics are crucial for further therapy planning. It provides your treating orthopaedist with information on how further treatment should proceed.

I offer MRI and CT for orthopaedic investigations in my private practice in Berlin. Complementary nuclear medical examinations – e.g. skeletal scintigraphy with the investigation of rheumatoid joint disease, TEP (total endoprosthesis or artificial joint) loosening and osseous metastasis – are also available to you, if required, through my work and cooperation at AnthroNUK in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Wedding. If you have any questions about orthopaedic diagnostics, feel free to contact me.

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