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CT smoker check-up in Berlin

Early detection of lung diseases with low-dose CT

Lung cancer (bronchial carcinoma) is one of the most common malignant diseases in Germany and worldwide.

Most lung cancer diseases are caused by smoking. The use of low-dose CT may be useful and justified for early detection. Where indicated, I offer the CT smoker check-up in my practice for radiology and nuclear medicine in Berlin.

Lung cancer usually develops in the background, often only with unspecific symptoms at an advanced stage. The earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the chances of healing. In early stages, treatment can lead to healing. Early detection of this cancerous disease is possible with low-dose CT. Thin-slice and precise examination of the lungs is performed with a particularly low radiation dose based on optimised examination protocols. The smallest changes in the lungs of just a few millimeters can be depicted here.

Professional societies recommend annual screening for smokers between the ages of 55 and 80 with 30 pack-years (py = number of packs of cigarettes per day multiplied by years of use). In contrast, complaints – such as recurrent infections, a persistent cough, phlegm, shortness of breath, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing or weight loss – can also be caused by other diseases and, if necessary, a diagnostic CT examination with contrast medium administration may be worthwhile.

Raucher Check-up Berlin
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