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Important note

Current information on this service

Please note that we unfortunately no longer offer the treatment described here. You can find an overview of the services we currently offer in our practices here: https://www.primenostics.com/en/#spectrum

Computed Tomography / CT in Berlin

Detailed examination of large body regions

Computed Tomography (CT) is a diagnostic method that has become indispensable in modern medicine. This examination method allows the body’s structures to be optimally displayed and assessed.

CT is fast and has the advantage of being very precise. I perform computed tomography in my practice for radiology and nuclear medicine in Berlin.

As statutory health insurance self-payer (GKV-Selbstzahler), you will find a price overview for various CT examinations here, structured according to the region of the body. This includes consultation, examination, computer-aided analysis, discussion of findings, and transmission of images and findings.

Please feel free to contact us with any price-related questions.

CT costs for GKV self-payers
Examination regions
Head € 185
Nasal sinuses € 185
Neck € 200
Thorax (chest) € 200
Abdomen (abdominal cavity) € 220
Thorax & abdomen € 325
Pelvis € 220
Spine € 180
Extremities (e.g. joints) € 180
Facet joint infiltration / periradicular therapy (PRT) € 175


  • Fees are specified according to the fee scale for the German medical profession (GOÄ). The specified costs are to be understood as fixed prices for orientation.
  • The exact costs may depend on the individual initial findings and apply for German self-payers. Different prices apply for foreign self-payers.
  • The costs for contrast media are not included in these fixed prices. Administration of a contrast medium can cost between 120 and 150 euros. If the administration of contrast media is required for the examination, this is applied in consultation with the patient.
PRIMENOSTICS – Dr. Sven Walter

Interesting facts about computed tomography

Information on the function and use of CT

How an CT works

Computed tomography uses innovative X-ray technology and is a very proven imaging method. While you lie on the examination couch, the X-ray tube rotates around you along your body’s longitudinal axis in just a few seconds. X-rays penetrate your body and – depending on tissue density – are attenuated to varying degrees. The associated CT computer calculates high resolution 3D images from the individual sectional images. This enables selective and superimposition-free tissue imaging.

The use of an X-ray contrast medium for imaging diagnostics is mostly useful for depicting structural changes in organs and blood vessels in even greater detail. Changes in your body tissue can thus be analysed non-invasively, quickly and precisely.

An CT examination is useful in these cases

Computed tomography can be indicated for acute diagnostics in injuries and emergencies, for disease diagnostics and, in particular, for diagnosing the spread of known tumours, and monitoring therapy.

Certain regions of the body can be specifically examined and, if required, several regions of the body can be depicted in one examination.

CT in Berlin – examination options

Examination areas for CT diagnostics

By clicking on the different areas in the image you will obtain more information about the regions for CT examination.

Possible regions for examination include, but are not limited to:

  1. CT of the skull
  2. CT of the nasal sinuses
  3. CT of the neck
  4. CT of the chest (thorax)
  5. CT of the heart
  6. CT of the abdomen
  7. CT of the pelvis
  8. CT of the spine
  9. CT of the extremities and joints
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